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The Arnold & Winnie Palmer Foundation

Multi-Campaign Art Direction + web + Strategy

In need of a campaign that not only aligns with the historical efforts of Arnold and Winnie Palmer's legacy in fundraising world, but also supports new initiatives and groundbreaking needs, the foundation approached us eager to make significant advancements.

Our two-year campaign commenced with an inspiration-led site visit to Arnold Palmer's home and golf course in Latrobe, PA. During this visit, we gained valuable insights into Arnold and Winnie's profound impact on the golf and sports marketing world. We explored artifacts, advertising, private offices, and encountered the most extensive collection of memorabilia I've ever had the privilege of witnessing.

The journey ahead involved a research and detail-intensive adventure, starting with a comprehensive marketing and website audit. These perspectives paved the way for the development of a brand-new website, fundraising collateral pieces, brand guidelines, foundation-specific merchandise, branding updates, campaign marketing, and legacy-driven positioning statements.

Amidst our discoveries, we initiated a sub-campaign focused on re-engaging Arnold Palmer's famous 'Armies Army' fanbase. This led to the creation of 'Sincerely, Arnold Palmer', a homage to his lifelong correspondence with fans and celebrities. Everyone who knew him, even if for a brief second, had a heartfelt story to tell. These storied letters became the visual foundation for a campaign aimed at enhancing his Pennsylvania golf course — a course rooted in familial Palmer groundwork, intended for everyone.

As our end goal took shape, the 2023 Arnold Palmer Invitational became the platform for launching the new efforts to the public, news outlets — including the Golf Channel, and across the internet. On-site at the API in Orlando, we strategically implemented an interactive visitation piece at one of the family's active homes on the course. This included engagement opportunities and displayed the memorabilia that truly jumpstarted our whole body of work. 

Client—Arnold & Winnie Palmer Foundation    Agency—Ideas United 
Co-Directors—(CD) Vikas Shah  &  (ACD) Drew Grossman

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