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Hi, I'm Jo Della Abbott (she/her). 


My work ranges in industries from the arts, foundations, non-profits, and universities — to brands, media, tech, and real estate. No matter the subject, client, or activity, I tend to push my personal boundaries so that when I finish a project, I have learned something new and challenging to bring to the next. As a creative, I believe there is a social power that we all need to find, define, and re-design on our own; mine is to remind everyone of life, desire, humility, and humanity. 


Proud BFA holder from PNCA in Portland, Oregon & Columbia in Chicago, Illinois. As my current endeavor, I am a Art Director at Ideas United in Atlanta, GA. Outside of my passionate 9-5, you can find me obsessively handcrafting goods, collecting vinyl, making music, propagating plants, taking photos, curating my curio, and dancing too much in public. 


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